I spend a half of my life in the terminal window (another half is being wasted even sillier.) A couple of years ago I switched to zsh, then I met oh-my-zsh, I even wrote my own theme for it, with blackjack and battery charge indicator. From time to time I tuned the theme up, played with newly investigated vim tricks etc. I switched from oh-my-zsh to prezto, but I anyway felt myself a little bit deprived.

Accidentally I stumbled upon YADR. The project headline states “YADR is the best vim, git, zsh plugins and the cleanest vimrc you’ve ever seen.” And you know what?—That’s true. Try it youself and I swear you never decide to turn back to your crude homebred dotfiles.

An installation is as easy (you already have ruby installed, haven’t you?) as:

git clone https://github.com/skwp/dotfiles ~/.yadr
cd ~/.yadr && rake install

The only polish required (in my opinion) is the proper theme. So, here we go. I teached the pretty Agnoster theme to show proper right prompt with current gemset, current ruby version etc. If you are not as to Ruby as me, you’ll find a better application for it.

To install the theme you’ll need:

  • install a Powerline-patched font for the theme special symbols to render correctly
  • grab the theme file and put in into ~/.zsh.prompts/prompt_mudasobwa_setup
  • put the following three lines in the end of your ~/.zshrc file:
  $ autoload -Uz promptinit
  $ promptinit
  $ prompt mudasobwa
  • restart zsh

The screenshots below show only the visual effectiveness of the theme; the cymes is in details. Everyone is to be exalted about it’s power and scared kinda “why didn’t I switched to it yesterday.”

Inside git branch:

YADR prompt inside git branch

With background jobs (the blue gear on the left) and non-zero exit status from the previously run command:

YADR prompt with running process

VIM status line:

YADR prompt for VIM

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