Therapist: “What brings you here?”
GenServer: “I am an alone not supervised GenServer in an aggressive world of unsolicited API requests.”
Therapist: “Have you ever seen a counselor before?”
GenServer: “Sure; I was trying to get an advice from GenEvent once, but it was deprecated later.”
Therapist: “What is the problem from your viewpoint?”
GenServer: “They call me any time they need anything and I have to respond immediately, 24/7. They could have used casts instead.”
Therapist: “How does this problem typically make you feel?”
GenServer: “It’s overflooding my message box, ruining my schedule and typically makes me feel like I am working in a call centre.”
Therapist: “What makes the problem better?”
GenServer: “Sometimes they put a GenStage in front of me to control back pressure and these moments are the best in my entire life.”
Therapist: “If you could wave a magic wand, what positive changes would you make happen in your life?”
GenServer: “I would put myself under the supervision tree so I could feel fast when I am not in the mood.”
Therapist: “Overall, how would you describe your mood?”
GenServer: “I am suffering from doing all the duties on my own. Why not spawn another node to split my job into several machines?”
Therapist: “What do you expect from the counseling process?”
GenServer: “I really need a supervisor as I’ve said already. Let it be outside of the tree, but still.”
Therapist: “What would it take to make you feel more content, happier and more satisfied?”

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