Let’s imagine we want to regexp a string and print the capitalized match out. We start with one of the followings:


This works fine on matched strings. Being called on the input with no matches it indeed results in annoying:

# ⇒ NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

So we come to spaghetti if-then checks like:

m = str.match(/(regexp)/)
m1 = m[1] if m
cap = m1.cap if m1

We got bogged down in checking while the only goal was to write a oneliner to either capitalize match or gracefully keep silent. Happily, ruby has a not wide well-known way to perform exactly the task we wanted. It’s the String#[regexp, fixnum] method:

(str.match[/(regexp)/, 1] || '').capitalize

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