EXIF for Joe Armstrong

Today I was grepping the internets for something irrelevant and came across this blog post by Joe Armstrong. Long story short, he was stumbled upon extraction from the photos “things like the latitude and longitude of the place where the image was taken and the time when the image was taken”.

Basically it was about extracting Exif data from the photos. Joe discovered Dave Thomas’ Elixir library that deals with Exifs and finally succeeded with his fleeting task.

What I am proud now, the code that made Joe happy was indeed mine. I got into the same issue a couple of years ago and GPS data support in that library is fully implemented by me.

That said, Joe Armstrong used my code and it made him slightly happier at the moment. There is nothing to be proud of, in terms of code: it is trivial and all the hard work in regard to parsing Exif was already done by Dave. It’s not about being proud and it’s not the stuff one puts into résumé.

I am just happy Joe used my code and it helped him at the moment. Joe is one of the smartest people I was lucky to know personally, I envy his sense of humor and it is just making me smile joyfully: I helped him with code.

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